In 2024 we are bringing back classic dining room table dinners. Photo: Elevate 

With the new year comes a proliferation of “what’s in” and “what’s out” lists. For instance, we’ve read that what’s “out” in 2024 includes: oversharing, instant gratification, weddings, blaming mercury, Spotify Wrapped (here’s hoping), diet soda (controversial) and lying about your ETA (probably not happening). On the “in” list we have packing light, being nice, dog-earing books, baby reveals (as opposed to pregnancy announcements), bows and 5:30 p.m. dinner reservations. We wanted to get in on the fun, so below is The Escape Home’s 2024  roundup of “what’s in/what’s out.”


Bold colors, patterns, and designs: 2023 was a challenging year for many, and now interior designers are calling for loads of light, color, and fun to remedy the uncertainty of the outside world. Punchy hues, intricate textiles and colorful murals have been popping up in interiors all over the country. 

More traditional dining set-ups: If recent years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of gathering. Make your community feel at home when you host dinner parties at your well-loved wooden dining table.

Tiles and mosaics: Earthy and grounded, unique tiles crafted from ceramics or terra-cotta make for stunning additions everywhere from entrance halls to bathrooms. And they’re versatile; the trend can be interpreted across a vast range of design and architectural styles, from Spanish colonial to Art Deco.

The other kind of space travel in on our “in” list. Photo: Aperture Vintage on Unsplash

Astro tourism: Given the recent proliferation of astrology-focused apps and memes, it should come as no surprise we have a healthy obsession with the stars above. The burgeoning astro tourism industry offers travelers the opportunity to travel the world and witness astronomical phenomena. In 2024, hotels and spas will be creating more opportunities for guests to catch sight of comets, constellations and more. 

Shoulder season: Frugal travelers have known for years that the shoulder season is the way to go when it comes to Europe. All of Europe’s most popular destinations saw a distinct increase in bookings during the last year, causing many travel specialists to launch programs from September to November in locales such as Sardinia and Corsica. Plus, you can avoid the ever-increasing crowds and summer temps. 

Eco-friendly rain gardens: As the impacts of climate change continue to become more visible, it’s time to adapt our gardening to current realities. With many U.S. regions such as California suffering from drought, landscape designers are turning towards rain gardens. These eco-friendly creations can aid in slowing down the flow of rainwater and irrigation, preserving more precious water.

Home swapping: We’re kind of over Airbnb (and so are many, it seems). While we’re warming up to hotels again — clean towels! Freshly made beds! Free breakfast! — we think 2024 is going to be the year of the home swap, and thanks to several new platforms and a TikTok movement, more people are hopping aboard this cozy and cost-effective trend.


Gray accents and neutral palettes: Drab, dreary, and boring have no place in 2024. This year is an ode to joy, so designers are predicting a movement away from safe color palettes such as neutrals and grays. 

We’re leaving both grays and barn doors in 2023. Photo: Mindy Jacobs  on Unsplash

Barn doors: We hope by now most design fiends will have kicked the farmhouse aesthetic of the early 2000s to the curb. However, it seems the impractical and bulky barn door has managed to stick around. It’s finally time to put to bed this trend that offers little in the way of privacy and aesthetics.

Dining benches: Once considered the height of hip, dining benches will be falling by the wayside in 2024. While visually intriguing, their impracticality and uncomfortableness make them a definite design ‘no’ moving forward. 

Wallpaper: Chic designs featuring moody blooms or Victorian-inspired fleurs de lis were certainly all the rage a few years ago. However, designers are now suggesting a shift away from hotel-inspired bath and powder rooms. 

Standard wellness retreats: Yes, inner peace is important and we aren’t saying yoga and mindfulness retreats have had their last ‘hurrah.’ But, in a world saturated with health and wellness influencers, customers are now craving more custom touches such as poolside IVs, infrared lights and longevity testing. 

Water-guzzling plants: Who says you need to sacrifice beauty for function? Make space in your yard for more water-conservative plants, and craft a lush landscape of native grasses, sedges, and more. 


For a while it was the popular thing, and then during Covid it was everything, offering people both a way to escape isolation while still social distancing and much-needed income. Now? We say it has peaked. It’s dominated by companies with multiple listings, infamous for high cleaning fees, and increasingly banned. No longer can you rent an Airbnb for a weekend escape to New York City, and others are following suit, implementing strict rules and regulations. It was fun while it lasted! 

What’s in and out for you in 2024? Let us know!

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