The Sokhna Storage Basket. Photo: Expedition Subsahara

As we celebrate Black History Month, it’s the perfect time to elevate your home decor with new pieces that honor the rich culture and creativity of Black artists and designers. We’ve curated a selection of furniture, objects, and serving ware that we are currently obsessed with — all from Black-owned companies. From a bold side table that puts a modern spin on the traditional West African djembe drum, to hand-blown decanters that add a splash of color to your tables, these picks are so expressive they double as art. Join us in celebrating this special month by filling your homes with items that have beauty, character and meaning.  


Sokhna Storage Basket

This colorful basket features intricate designs and instantly adds warmth and an eclectic vibe to any space. Its bold, rich aesthetic is especially suited if you love maximalist decor. It celebrates Senegalese artistry by using techniques passed down for generations; these baskets are handwoven from locally harvested elephant grass and recycled plastic. The functional piece is a perfect place to hide toys or blankets. This is just one of the many stunning baskets from Expedition Subsahara, guaranteed to brighten up your space with cheerful colors. 

Love Deluxe CD Rug

Photo: Curves by Sean Brown

Become immersed in nostalgia with this rug inspired by the iconic 1992 Sade album “Love Deluxe.” This playful centerpiece pays homage to a pivotal time in music history and the impact of Sade’s music. It’s a conversation starter likely to spark memories of music’s golden years. It’s one of the many innovative and whimsical pieces from designer Sean Brown, whose home decor line, Curves, is known for blending pop culture with functional art. 


Photo: 54 Kibo

Djembe Natural Drum Side Table

This structural side table is inspired by the shape of the djembe drum, which originated from the Mande people in Mali who later spread throughout West Africa. This unique piece honors African culture while emphasizing sustainability. Each table is carved from reclaimed cedar wood sourced from Ghana, creating a perfect blend of craftsmanship and contemporary design. If it looks familiar, you likely remember it from Marvel’s “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” It was designed by Tekura Design, a family business established by husband-and-wife Kweku and Josephine Forson. 


Photo: Estelle Colored Glass

Estelle Colored Decanter-Vogue

Elevate your dinner table and vino tasting with a lavender decanter from Estelle Colored Glass. Its elegant shape will add sophistication, while its pastel hue will bring tranquility to your dining space. These decanters come in multiple colors, including blush pink. Each one is hand blown and celebrates the joy of entertaining. Whether you use it for a special occasion or every night, this will help turn every moment into a luxurious affair.

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