A private island villa in Cartagena, Colombia. Photo: Airbnb

November really snuck up, huh? Are you a last-minute planner whose holiday plans are still… TBD? We get that. Speaking of planning, there are a lot of ways to go about it. You can choose a destination based on specific requirements (winter activities, beach, weather). People (friends, family). Or, you can start with accommodations and go from there. It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s a great way to discover new destinations — and also the reason airbnb added a menu at the top of its homepage with options like “cabins,” “castles,” “skiing,” “domes,” “OMG,” “caves” and more. We did a world-wide deep dive on the site to see what is still available from Dec. 23 to Jan. 1 and selected the best options for you.

Photo: Airbnb

Quetzalcoatl’s Nest, Naucalpan de Juárez, Mexico

This “rare find” (it’s usually fully booked), which sleeps six, is a private housing complex built by architect Javier Senosiain, who follows the aspects of organic architecture, trying to create more humane spaces. The interiors are minimalistic to create a juxtaposition with the outdoors, and every window frames a different scenery. 

It is listed at $400 per night.

Photo: Airbnb

Mothership Dome, Crestone, Colorado

This luxe dome accommodation, which sleeps nine, features open space with multiple sleeping arrangements, a kitchen and a separate bedroom and bathroom downstairs.

It is listed at $165 per night.

Photo: Airbnb

Varanger View, Svartnes, Norway

This cabin, which sleeps three, gets you about as far north as one can go, where the sky and sea meet. It’s a dose of comfort in a tough, arctic climate where you can watch the northern lights dance in the sky outside.

It is listed at $270 per night.

Photo: Airbnb

Casa Anur, Bagheria, Italy 

Casa Anur, which sleeps three, is a terraced bungalow by the deep turquoise sea where you can enjoy breathtaking sunrises and stunning views of the Gulf of Palermo. And eat lots of Sicilian delicacies, of course. 

It is listed at $120 per night. 

Photo: Airbnb

Mountain cabin, La Cumbrecita, Argentina 

This two-person cabin is located in an adult-only complex, with stunning panoramic views of the Cordoba mountain range. It will be summer in Argentina, and guests can enjoy the pool and barbecue area. 

It is listed at $77 per night. 

Photo: Airbnb

Leafy Greens, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Leafy Greens retreat center was created as a place where people can refresh their souls and mind and be in harmony with nature.  This clay house, which sleeps three, was built for a meditation course and was designed for people to learn to be with themselves, be close to nature and eliminate bad energy. 

It is listed at $18 per night. 

Photo: Airbnb

Island villa, Cartagena, Colombia

 This impressive property, which sleeps six, is located on Pelican Island in the Middle of the Caribbean Sea and features an outdoor pool and deck, a barbecue, private chef and five-star service. 

It is listed at $4,210 per night. 

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