If you’re anything like us, you haven’t started deciding on holiday gifts for friends and family, let alone buying them (or, maybe you’ve totally finished your holiday shopping — amazing — please send your recs our way). Anyway, for those who need it, this week we present to you our holiday gift guide:

For the homebodies

Photo: Amazon

The Ooni pizza oven 

We spend a lot of time (but also not too much since this thing does the job in 90 seconds) watching videos of people using their Ooni pizza ovens. Ooni makes both indoor (electric) and outdoor (gas) ovens that cook pies in less than two minutes. It’s also Oprah-approved, landing a spot on her 2023 Favorite Things holiday list. It’s certainly an investment piece — but think about pizza-making parties you could throw and flavor combinations to be invented. Plus, it’s currently 10% off. 

Photo: Restoration Hardware

A luxe bathrobe 

Luxe bathrobes, like this unisex one from Restoration Hardware, should be an everyday thing — i.e. not just worn when you’re at a fancy resort. Crafted from premium materials, its plush, Turkish cotton fabric provides a lavish and soft touch. Imagine curling up in this robe in front of a fire, a glass of red wine in one hand, a slice of pizza made in an Ooni oven in the other. 

Photo: Mantar

This chic lamp

For the friend that loves design — there is the Agari mushroom rechargeable table lamp.  It has cordless anti-glare lighting with a contemporary design and three different light settings to switch up the mood.

Photo: Staub

A classic cast iron with a twist 
You truly can’t go wrong with a high-quality cast iron pan. They are durable, have a naturally non-stick surface, cook food more evenly and don’t contain toxic chemicals. We love this one from Staub, which comes with a signature enamel coating in your choice of eight colors, giving it a more modern look.

For the travelers 

Photo: Cincha

The Cincha travel belt

Maybe not the sexiest gift, but I think we’ve all experienced running through the airport, trying to balance your tiny bag on your wheelie bag to no avail. That’s where the Cincha travel belt comes in — it secures your personal bag to your carry on, making it easy to maneuver around. A perfect stocking stuffer for those with wanderlust!  

Photo: Jisulife

A portable neck fan

For those that don’t want to give up summering in Italy and Greece despite the rising temperatures — there is the Jisulife portable neck fan (though, also great for the subway, office, hiking etc.). It has a battery life of 16 hours and comes with three air levels: weak wind, natural wind and strong wind.

A travel sack

The Coyuchi organic sateen travel sack is perfect for those who travel often, whether for business or pleasure. Forget scratchy sheets, or, for the more adventurous, uncomfortable sleeping bags. Also great for long-haul flights, or the unfortunate long layover or delay.

Photo: Drowsy

Silk sleep mask

For planes, trains, or those times when the curtains aren’t quite curtaining right. The Drowsy silk sleep mask is beloved by travelers for its cloud-like padding, total black-out design, wrap-around skin and hair protection — plus it’s fully washable. 

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