I don’t know about you, but I used to have a bit of an umbrella conundrum. First of all, I lost them. I left a trail of $5 umbrellas in dark corners, hanging on bar hooks, in ubers, you get the picture. Because I was such an unreliable partner for my umbrella, I didn’t spend much more than $5 on them. So you can imagine: I was that soaking-wet person holding a blown-out umbrella whose poles haphazardly poked about. Not anymore. This week’s recommendation is to invest in a proper umbrella. We bet you’ll love it so much (and, ahem, remember the money you spent), that you’re far less likely to abandon it. 

A couple of our favorites: 

This umbrella is unbreakable. And very expensive. But! It can double as a walking stick — or self defense weapon. 

Strong, durable and lightweight, this umbrella comes with a lifetime replacement warranty — and it’s less than $25.

And this cool-looking umbrella features an aerodynamic design that allows it to withstand winds of more than 60 mph. Plus, its shape makes it easy to navigate urban areas, weaving through poles and crowds.

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